The Savage Rose

One of the greatest and most underrated bands in rock history. Danish legend, it deserves to become a legend of the world. Their outstanding merits performers joined in the manner of Jefferson Airplane, combining rock with Baroque melodic figures, forms Chicago blues, jazz rhythms and sounds of Scandinavian folklore. In comparison with the slow sensuality of the blues, The Savage Rose performed their medieval liturgy is very impressive, filling virtuoso and prudently won back excursions into classical music pulsating rock rhythms. The center of the band’s sound was an exotic singer’s voice Anniset whose vocal technique “is a wonderful distillate all female rock vocal styles in the ’60s” (Lester Bangs), “a hoarse voice cooing whether women, or child, especially stands out emotionally economical background sound of the ensemble “…

01. Long Before I Was Born
02. I’m Walking Through The Door
03. Let’s See Her
04. Ride My Mountain (Jade)
05. The Shepherd & Sally
06. His Own Happiness
07. Gods Little Hand
08. Evenings Child
09. A Trial In Our Native Town

01. Your Signmy Sign
02. Open Air Shop
03. You Be Free
04. Oh Baby Where Have You Gone
05. A Girl I Knew
06. Everybody Must Know
07. Savage Rose
08. Her Story
09. White Swans’ Marriage Clothes
10. Sleep
11. You’ll Be Alright

01. I’m Satisfied Mr. Captain
02. Look Out
03. Sailing Away
04. Your Lifetime’s A Fairytale
05. The Castle
06. Travelin’
07. Life’s Other Side
08. My Family Was Gay

01. Sunday Morning
02. Listen To Thistune From Mexico
03. Unfold
04. Speak Softly
05. The Poorest Man On Earth
06. The Waters Run Deep
07. Lightly Come, Lightly Go (Song For An Unborn Child – Sara’s Song)
08. Tapiola
09. Your Daily Gift


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  • marzo 17, 2017 in 1:27 pm

    Una band eccellente: tutti i brani sono di altissimo livello!


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