Dubbed the Jimi Hendrix of the Hammond Organ, a player who can pump, pamper and pound unbelievable, intense, ferocious and sometimes transcendent sounds from his organ and clavinet, only to fire powerful bluesy vocals that rip straight from the heart screaming as they pass the vocal chords to produce one mesmerising and unforgettable show. Lachy Doley has seen much of the world, recording and touring with acts as diverse as Powderfinger, Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai, Jimmy Barnes, The Beautiful Girls – more recently recording on a new album of Joe Bonamassa’s which came out in early 2015. It was 2010 though, that saw the birth of The Lachy Doley Group and they have been heavily recording and touring ever since. The Lachy Doley Group are a unique sound in the classic and sometimes very traditional genre of the Blues. A power trio consisting of Bass, Drums and of course Doley firing on the Hammond, his vocal screaming from the heart and the incredibly rare Hohner D6 Whammy Clavinet in which most people double take on when they realise that sound isn’t an electric guitar but a 70 stringed keyboard with a huge Whammy Bar sticking out the guts of it.

01. We’re Free
02. Love Come Around
03. Lovelight
04. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
05. Only Cure For The Blues Is The Blues
06. Get It While You Can
07. Who Was I Foolin (Featuring Jimmy Barnes And Nathan Cavaleri)
08. The Killer
09. Stop Listening To The Blues (Live At Blues On Broadbeach 2016)

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Lachy Doley Group

6 pensieri riguardo “THE LACHY DOLEY GROUP – Lovelight

  • febbraio 7, 2017 in 4:16 pm

    Ciao Magar, non si riesce a scaricare il file ed appare la seguente scritta: impossibile trovare l’indirizzo DNS del server the%20lachy%20doley%20group%20-%20lovelight%20%282017%29.rar.
    DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. Grazie mille se riesci a risolvere il problema.

  • febbraio 7, 2017 in 7:54 pm

    Ottimo Magar. Ora il link è funzionante. Gran bel disco.

  • febbraio 9, 2017 in 4:39 am

    Download riuscito: un album magnifico, scoppiettante, impareggiabile: grazie super-Magar!

  • marzo 26, 2017 in 10:59 am

    Album veramente notevole…roba da altri tempi! Grazie. A.R.


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