Tucky Buzzard

Tucky Buzzard were a British hard rock band formed in 1969 by three former members of The End. The original lineup was Jimmy Henderson (vocals), Terry Taylor (guitar), David Brown (bass), Paul Francis (drums), and Nick Graham (keyboards). Halfway through recording their debut album, Frances departed from the band and was replaced by Chris Johnson, who recorded the remaining drum parts and was credited on the album sleeve. Tucky Buzzard produced a total of five albums between 1969 and 1973. The band’s producer was Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. Terry Taylor has worked on a number of musical compositions with Bill Wyman and has played with him in a number of his bands, Willy and The Poor Boys, Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, since he left The Rolling Stones. In 2006 Tucky Buzzard was featured in an article called Top 6 Classic Rock Bands You Never Knew You Didn’t Know written by Dave White.
The Complete Tucky Buzzard – the band produced by Bill Wyman – has been released as a five CD collectors box set on Amazon and iTunes. Tucky Buzzard released five albums – and they are gathered here in a special collector’s edition CD clamshell boxset. Tucky Buzzard arose from the ashes of The End in 1970, retaining the line-up of guitarist Terry Taylor, organist Nicky Graham, drummer Paul Francis, bassist Dave Brown, and vocalist Jimmy Henderson. Produced by old associate Bill Wyman (sometimes with Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios), the band’s template of bluesy rock puts them in the same musical arena as Free, Grand Funk Railroad and Creedence Clearwater Revival. This clamshell box contains all five albums by the band: “Comin On Again”, “Tucky Buzzard”, “Warm Slash”, “All Right On the Night” and “Buzzard”, the last two being originally released on Purple Records. The booklet features photos from the collection of Terry Taylor, Bill Wyman’s right hand man in the Rhythm Kings for the last 25 years, and lengthy annotation based on interviews with the band.





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  • agosto 31, 2016 in 6:47 am

    Sono un gruppo eccellente ed é un piacere immenso ascoltare questi brani, che sono dei veri e propri capolavori.


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